Photo from the Wehrpas of von Cramen Taubadel
showing him as a Major. ca. Mar. 38
04.11.1901 in Roschkowitz
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24.04.19-29.03.20   Leib-Kürassier-Regt 1
01.04.20-04.01.21   Reiter Regt. 7

01.07.34-00.00.34   Jagdgeschwader 132
00.00.34-11.03.36   3./ Jagdgruppe Döberitz
12.03.36-29.09.36   Fliegergruppe II./ 162 Lübeck-Blankensee
30.09.36-31.07.37   II./Sturzkampfgeschwader 162

15.07.39-31.08.39   2. /Jagdgeschwader 70
13.09.39-31.12.39   I. /Jagdgeschwader 54
01.01.39-15.10.40   Stab./Jagdgeschwader 53
16.10.40-15.02.41   Luftkriegsakademie Berlin-Gatow
16.02.41-30.10.41   General Kommando II. Flieger Korps
01.11.41-21.09.43   Stab Luftgau Kommando Norwegen
22.09.43-05.11.43   Luftgaustab Finnland
06.11.43-10.12.44   Komm.Gen.d.Dt.Lw.i. Norwegen

01.12.22   Leutnant
01.11.27   Oberleutnant
01.04.34   Hauptmann
00.00.34   Staffelkapitäne 3./ Jagdgruppe Döberitz
01.01.37   Major
01.01.37   Gruppenkommodore ( II./St.G.162)
01.02.39   in den Generalstab d. Luftwaffe
15.07.39   Staffelkapitän
13.09.39   Gruppenkommodore
01.01.40   Geschwaderkommodore
01.06.40   Oberstleutnant
01.04.42   Oberst i. Generalstab

00.00.00   Offizerskreuz d. Königlich Bulgarischen (Officers Cross Kingdom of Bulgaria)
00.00.33   Schlesischer Adler 2. Klasse (Silesian Eagle 2nd Class)
00.00.33   Schlesischer Adler 1. Klasse (Silesian Eagle 1st Class)
00.00.00   Flugzeugführerabzeichen (Pilots Badge)
25.04.37   Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse (Long Service Award 4th Class)
31.05.37   Dienstauszeichnung III. Klasse (Long Service Award 3rd Class)
31.05.37   Dienstauszeichnung II. Klasse (Long Service Award 2nd Class)
00.00.00   Medaille Zur Erinnerung An Den 1. Oktober 1938 (Commemerative Medal of 1.10.38)
15.02.40   Eiserne Kreuz 2. Klasse (Iron Cross 2nd Class)       
18.05.40   Eiserne Kreuz 1. Klasse (Iron Cross 1st Class)
15.08.44   Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (German Cross in Gold)
24 April 1919
Taubadel is posted to Lieb Kürassier Regiment Grosser Kürfurst (Schlesisches) Nr 1.

Jagdgeschwader 132

1 May 1934
Taubadel is appointed Staffelkapitäne of 3./ Jagdruppe Döberitz. The unit was formed on 1 May 1934 in Döberitz with Ar 65 and He 51 fighter aircraft. The Gruppenstab was ready 1 May 1934, but the 3 staffeln were not ready until 1 July 1934. Between 1 May 1934 and 1 April 1936 the unit was designated Fliegergruppe Döberitz.

23 August 1935   

1 January 1937
Taubadel is appointed the Gruppenkommandeure of II./St.G.162. Author Alexander Steenbeck, stated that II./Sturzkampfgeschwader 162 was established on April 1st 1936 with He51 fighter aircraft and personell coming from Jagdgeschwader 132 "Richthofen", as well as crews from I./StG165. He has Cramon-Taubadel as Gruppenkommodore  in winter 1936/37 and indicates Taubadel was christianing (taufen) a sailplain from the Ortsgruppe Lübeck-Travemünde to the name of "Immelmann" (sic). This fits well with the entry in Cramon-Taubadels Wehrpaß "12.3.36: assigned with comand of Flieger Gruppe II/162 in Lübeck-Blankensee" and "1.1.37: appointed Kommandeur FlGr.II/162".1

21 December 1939
On this day von Cramon Taubadel was leading a flight of ten Bf 109Es from the new I/JG 54's Stab and 2. Staffel. Over the lines in the Karlsruhe-Aachen area the German fighters spotted 12 MS 406s from GC II/7 escorting a Potez 63-11 of GR I/55. Four of the JG 54 Bf 109's dived on the Moranes, while the remaining six went after the Potez. The German pilots were relatively inexperienced, and the reconnaissance aircraft was able to elude combat and return safely to base. The Moranes turned into those which had attacked them and the Germans broke formation at once. Von Cramon did much to save the situation. The Staffelkapitän, Hauptmann Paulizsch, was hit at once and wounded in both legs, baling out of his damaged aircraft north-west of Freiburg; von Cramon beat off his attacker, claiming to have shot it down. Meanwhile Unteroffizer Hans Wagner's aircraft was hit in the starboard wing and flaps, but again von Cramon went to the rescue, claiming this assailant probably shot down. Von Cramon then engaged a Morane which he described as apparently being flown by a "green" pilot, and obtained strikes on its engine, whereupon it crash landed among some young trees; only this latter claim was confirmed.
During the Melee, French pilot S/Lt Gauthier claimed one Messerschmidt shot down over Sponek, and Sgt. Chef Panhard one over Achern, while a third was claimed as a probable over the Gottenheim area by S/Lt De Fraville and Sgt Lambin. Gauthier was hit and severly wounded, crash landing his badly damaged aircraft on the west bank of the Rhine near Artzenhein. it seems possible that he was in fact attacked twice by von Cramon, once when attacking one of the other Bf 109s, and again when attempting to control his aircraft after suffering wounds-hence the description of a "green" pilot flying ineptly.  
1 Janary 1940
Von Cramon Taubadel assumes command of Jagdgeschwader 53 "Pik As" then based in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim.

August 1940
Profile of Jagdgeschwader 53's Geschwaderkommodore von Cramon Taubadel's Bf109 E-3 during
the Battle of Britain. ca. August/ Sept. 40.

8 December 44
By this date all Luftwaffe units and staffs in the north had been subordinated to Komm.Gen.d.Dt.Lw.i. Norwegen. Fliegerführer 3 continued under this new command until it was too suspended on 19./20.12.1944.

Victory Claims:
Cl #
I./JG 54
Morane MS-406
östlich Colmar
 I./JG 54
Morane MS-406
12km östlich Colmar
JG 53

* Claim taken from Taubadel's Wehrpas.

Hans-Jürgen Erdmann von Cramon-Taubadel (14 November 1901 in Roschkowitz 6 November 1985)
He served as one of the firsst Staffelkaptains of the newly formed Luftwaffe, based in Döbernitz in 1934 with 2./JG 70 prior to going to II./JG 54. On 21 December 1939 von Cramon Taubadel was leading a flight of ten Bf 109Es from I./Jagdgeschwader 54 (JG 54) Stab over the lines near Karlsruhe when they engaged 12 Morane-Saulnier M.S.406s from GC II/7 escorting a Potez 63.11 of GR I/55. The reconnaissance aircraft was able to return safely to base. Although Hauptmann Paulizsch was hit and wounded in both legs, baling out north-west of Freiburg, von Cramon claimed 3 French aircraft shot down, of which one was confirmed. von Cramon-Taubadel then transferred to JG 53 in January 1940.
Major von Cramon-Taubadel was first married to Viola von Kaufmann-Asse (17 Aug 1912 4 November 1997) on 16 November 1933 and secondly to Ilse Wehrs (8 November 1919 16 June 1988) on 5 May 1948. Viola von Kaufmann-Asse was of Jewish ancestry, a fact which came to the attention of Hermann Göring during the Battle of France. The consequence was that Göring ordered that the entire JG 53 must remove their Ace of Spades badge (Pik As) and paint a red band around the noses of their aircraft as a mark of shame.
He flew in the Battle of Britain, and on 16 August 1940, damaged his Bf 109 E on landing.He claimed his second victory, a Hurricane near Dungeness on 27 September 1940. During August and September Göring replaced the majority of the pre-war Jagdgeschwader Kommodore with younger up-and-coming aces, and JG 53 was no exception, the II./JG 53 commander Major Günther Freiherr von Maltzahn taking over from von Cramon-Taubadel on 30 September 1940, and the "Pik-As" badge was reinstated. However at the same time, as a mark of protest, the pilots of JG 53 had the Swastikas painted over on their aircraft fins.
von Cramon-Taubadel commenced a series of staff positions within the Luftwaffe, including Luftkriegs Akademie Berlin-Gatow (late 1940-Feb.1941), General Kommando II.Fliegerkorps (to late 1941) Stab, Luftgau Kommando/Norway (194143)and Stab, Luftgau/Finland (Sept.1943-Dec. 1944)

1. "Die dunklen Jahre; Der Flughafen Lübeck-Blankensee", Alexander Steenbeck